Get Out And Ride, Mountain Bikers - International Ride MTB Day!!!

Like many sporting enthusiasts, mountain bikers don't need an excuse to get out there and spend the day riding. But then, this isn't about needing an excuse. It's about showing and sharing the love of bashing trails through the woods on two wheels. Today, July 20th is International Ride MTB Day!

It's a day for riders from around the world to celebrate their sport, a sport that many skiers and snowboarders use to stay in the mountains after the snow has melted. 

The wonderful thing about #RIDEMTBDAY is that it is totally community-based. The day doesn't belong to any single person, group, or other entity. It's just a day to get out and ride purely for the enjoyment. There's no competition, no right or wrong way, or no anything except being outside and doing it, and then sharing that love and vibe for riding.

So, if you're able, either because of planning or maybe you told the boss that you weren't feeling so well today, load the bike into or onto the car, go find a spot, and tear it up. Many of the ski mountains now have their bike parks and areas open with lift-serviced trails, but you don't have to do it that way. Local trails or even just navigating the woods behind one's house totally counts. Just enjoy it.


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