Hair Metal & MTB All In One Edit? -- HELL YEAH! -- VIDEO

Anytime the great Danny MacAskill puts up a new mountain bike edit, it's going to be sick. That's what the boy is known for. It could be said, though, that he has really outdone himself this time, along with fellow riders Fabio Wibmer, Duncan Shaw, and Ali Clarkson.

In this one, they're riding in a video that pays homage to one of the greatest eras of Rock and Roll!

A straight parody that, according to the video's description, came from an idea that the group had several years ago; "In 2015, after many hours in the Drop and Roll Tour bus talking about it we decided it would be a good idea to make a parody hair metal video! "

The look of the video is wonderful, the music is out of the right period, and the riding is top-notch, which can almost go without saying. It wouldn't be anything less than the best.  


Please check out the Ski Rex Media sponsors and partners. I love these folks and I think you would, too.