Indoor Skiing & Riding Reopening In the U.K.


It seems there has been a hitch thrown into the plans to reopen the indoor skiing/snowboarding facilities across the U.K. Today, July 31st, an announcement from the government was made saying that facilities such as these will not be able to open yet. Currently, the go-ahead to reopen has been pushed back for at least two weeks until Saturday, August 15th.

All of the facilities mentioned in the previous article, below this update, are going to be canceling and providing refunds for bookings made for the original reopening dates. Please check with each facility directly as you need. 

Just when we thought the 21st century was ushering in the era of "The Season That Doesn't End", the COVID-19 global outbreak went ahead and ended the season. However, one of the reasons the season doesn't have to end is because of the indoor skiing and snowboarding facilities that dot the globe. As July turns to August, our brothers and sisters across the pond in the U.K. get to head back inside for some late summertime runs.

The above post from Snozone, with indoor facilities in Milton Keynes and Castleford, is the largest of the bunch that have a confirmed reopening date after the months of closure due to COVID-19. Both facilities will be open starting on August 3rd. 

Though Snozone is the largest, it won't be the first to open, however. With the local Government allowing indoor leisure centers, health and fitness clubs, and sporting arenas to start reopening on July 25th, each of these places wants to open up as close to day one as they can. The Snow Centre, the closest indoor facility to the city of London, will reopen on July 30th. SnowDome, though opening its fitness center on July 25th, will start skiing and riding again on August 1st. Last, though not least in any way, Chill Factore, though not having a confirmed opening date as of yet, does intend to join the others with an August opening.

As one may have guessed, these openings will have several restrictions, most of which are similar and to be expected. First and foremost, please follow local travel restrictions when planning a day out to the indoor hills. Secondly, all facilities will be running with limited services, the possibility of no locker room access, and the need for reservations and online booking before heading to your facility of choice. Third, all social distancing and mask guidelines will need to be adhered to while visiting each of these facilities.

For more specific information and to book your visit, please visit the Snozone's, The Snow Centre's, SnowDome's, and Chill Factore's websites by clicking any of the names here, or the website of any indoor facility that may have been overlooked. Also, be sure to follow your favorite indoor ski center's social media pages for quick updates, as well as contact information for booking or other questions.

Photo Credit: Snozone/FB


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