Killington Launches The Play It Forward Business Relief Fund To Help Their VT Community

As the biggest mountain resort the east has to offer, Killington, along with sister mountain Pico, is a very large part of the surrounding community, which goes without saying. As part of a way to help out the community that it is part of, the mountains, along with their parent company POWDR, have partnered with the Vermont Community Foundation and NeighborWorks of Western Vermont to launch the Play It Forward Business Relief Fund. The goal is to award grants up to $2,500 to eligible businesses in the town of Killington to a total of $130,000.

"As part of Killington Resort’s Play Forever corporate responsibility commitment to protecting the environment and enabling participation, Play It Forward engages charitable giving through partnerships with local community foundations." - Killington News Release

The Killington Play It Forward Business Relief Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation is looking to assist those local businesses that have seen hard times due to the COVID-19 outbreak through financial grants, as stated above. The grant awards will be based on the relative size of the business, how hard each of the businesses has been hit during the pandemic, the importance of the business to the town's vibrancy, the number of total applicants, and total available funding. Funding will also be allocated based on industry, examples of which are as follows:

Businesses the Killington Play It Forward Business Relief Fund Supports
  • Food (i.e. restaurants, coffee shops, bars, farms, and food production)
  • Lodging and rentals (i.e. inns, hotels, rentals)
  • Retail shops
  • Personal care, outdoor recreation, fitness, and wellness (i.e. hair salons, yoga, massage and physical therapists, outdoor guides)
  • Real estate offices
  • Construction and renovation
  • Pet care
  • Landscaping and home care
  • Local publications
Businesses the Killington Play It Forward Business Relief Fund Does Not Support
  • Financial, legal, and professional services
  • Business-to-business consulting and marketing
  • Manufacturing, except food and farm
  • Condominium associations
  • Fuel and utility
  • Medical (i.e. hospitals, medical practices)
  • Franchises, chains, or statewide corporations

“The vibrant Killington community creates a truly unique experience for our guests; it’s what makes our resort so special,”
says Mike Solimano, president and general manager of Killington Resort and Pico Mountain. “We’re proud to be in a position to give so generously in support of friends and neighbors and know our partnership with the Vermont Community Foundation and NeighborWorks of Western Vermont will help our community navigate this challenging time.”

Killington Resort’s Play It Forward Fund was established at the Vermont Community Foundation with a $350,000 gift from the Cumming Foundation, and John and David Cumming. POWDR, an adventure lifestyle company founded by John Cumming, owns Killington and Pico and established Play It Forward funds at community foundations at each of its mountain resorts across North America. The family and foundation’s gifts, totaling $2.25M across the funds, are in support of POWDR businesses helping their local communities in this tremendous time of need and beyond.

To apply for a grant and questions about the grant process, please visit the Killington Play It Forward Business Relief Fund application page at the Vermont Community Foundation website: Applications must be submitted electronically by 6:00 p.m. on Friday, July 31, 2020.

Photo: From Killington Peak Looking Towards Pico - Credit: Mimicamilleri / CC BY-SA


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