Middlesex, VT Enters The Record Books With The World's Largest S'more

A tasty treat enjoyed by young and old during all seasons where a campfire may be found, the s'more is usually small enough that a box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, and a couple of chocolate bars are more than enough for the entire family or group. But, as is said in the action sports community, to which skiing and snowboarding belong...GO BIG OR GO HOME!

According to a report from WCAX in Vermont, as well as the Guinness World Records website, Planetary Matters set a record with the largest s'more ever created. The attempt was made at Camp Meads in Middlesex on December 28th of last year at the Winter S'morestive event but is now confirmed.

All of the chocolatey, mallowy, graham crackery goodness was sourced locally and put together to make a five by eight-foot (152.4 cms by 243.84 cms) s'more weighing in at 343 pounds (155.58 kgs). On hand to witness the behemoth was around 1,000 locals.

"To get this news-- which is fun and light and shows the value of just bringing people together and having fun-- I think is just great. It's super. It's funny. It's hilarious. It's like there's the world, there's the world's largest s'more-- and next to it is Middlesex," said Russ Bennett of Planetary Matters.

Though some would say records are meant to be broken, Planetary Matters has commented that they'll likely not try to break their own record, but have left it open to taking the title back if someone else goes on to break the record.

Photo Credit: Camp Meade/IG


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