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Photographer Takes Video/Photos Of A Bear...Wanting To Get In His House -- VIDEO

One of the wonderful things about living in rural mountain towns is the abundance of wildlife that one might encounter. It really is one of the great bonuses to be a skier, snowboarder, or any other mountain sports enthusiast or just someone who headed for the hills and stayed there. These wildlife interactions can make for some great photos and videos.

In this case, we have a pro-photographer, Christian Pondella, who was able to get some images and a video of a brown bear. Not out of the ordinary, usually. This time, however, this bear was very much interested in what was inside and the bear was not looking to use the front door.

Yeah, that kind of encounter could get the blood pumping, but the family inside reacted the correct way. Bears are not fond of a lot of noise, so yelling at them, banging pots and pans together, or even rocking out some hardcore metal can drive them off. All one has to do is stay calm and be ready to go out the door if the bear decides it's coming through the window, whether one likes it or not.

Photo Credit: Christian Pondella/IG

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