The Horstman T-Bar May Be Gone, But Glacier Skiing Will Return To Whistler Blackcomb

The news of the removal of the Horstman T-Bar, a beloved lift that has served summer and winter operations on the Horstman Glacier at Whistler Blackcomb, B.C., has been making the rounds through the ski and snowboard world fairly quickly. However, don't fret Whistler Blackcomb fans. Glacier skiing and riding will return in the coming months if the mountain has anything to say about it.

"Over time, the Horstman Glacier’s profile has changed to the point the Horstman T-bar became inoperable and required us to remove it. The Showcase T-bar is in a better location and will continue to service the glacier for both summer and winter. We are looking forward to welcoming skiers and riders for the winter season, several months away, and our intent is to be back to summer glacier skiing in 2021." - Whistler Blackcomb Spokesperson

While the profile of the glacier may have changed over the years, climate change was not given as a confirmed cause at this time. For the time being, however, those fans of the biggest ski resort on the continent shouldn't count Whistler out for summer operations just yet. 

Photo: The old Horstman T-bar - Credit: Ruth Hartnup [CC BY 2.0]


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