The NOAA Has Dropped A La Niña Watch - Could Be Good News For The Winter

Just yesterday, July 9th, the NOAA released a La Niña watch for the coming 2020/2021 winter.

Now, as the weather is never a guarantee, there's no need to get too excited that snow will be flying non-stop through the winter. With that said, there are some general expectations for a La Niña winter. Most importantly to snow sports enthusiasts is the chance for below-average temps and above-average precipitation across parts of the northern U.S.

As of right now, as the above Twitter post stated, the chance of a La Niña winter is only 50-55%. Though that does lean in the favor of the winter we are all hoping for, that still leaves a 40-45%  chance of neutral conditions and a zero-5% chance of El Niño.

In the end, this is still a very early assessment and just a watch. While it is good to stay positive, especially with the possibility of a COVID-19 ski season looming over the heads of every U.S. skier and rider, don't place your bets just yet. As stated in the La Niña announcement from the NOAA, " a Watch means the forecast favors the development of La Niña conditions within the next six months."


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