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The Ski Rex Media Discord Server -- Let's Try It -- Ski Rex Says...

One of the things that I have been doing, or at least, trying to do with Ski Rex Media is to develop a community. We all know that there are skiing, snowboarding, and winter or snow sports communities out there, which is why I have readers, viewers, listeners, and fans. But, all they really get to do right now is read, view, listen to, and be fans of the content I create. That's awesome and I do want that, but what if the fans could communicate back?

Obviously, there are ways. I get comments on posts and DMs from various folks across the social media platforms. But, what about a place that would not only allow for the community to talk to me but to each other, as well? I'm thinking the use of a Discord server is a way to go with this.

Similar to the various Twitter, Facebook, and other chat threads that we all belong to, the Discord server allows for text-based chatting across multiple rooms, each with its own topic. Speaking of which, I go off topic a bit during podcasts and live streams, so I get it if the server rooms do, too, but we are going to try to stay as close to the topic as we can.

Anyway, the Discord server also allows for voice and video chatting. Not only will Ski Rex Media friends and fans be able to interact with me and each other via text chat, but we can use voice calling and have everyone talking to each other all at once. It could be fun!

Speaking of the voice chat capabilities, this might work out as a good way to get some guest interaction during the live stream or on podcasts. I still have to work out some things on the technical side of that, but it is a possibility. 

You see, this can be a wonderful tool for the Ski Rex Media community, and those in the snow sports community at large, to be able to be an online community. There's also the chance that followers that stick primarily to one social media platform can now visit with and interact with the fans from other platforms. There are some real possibilities here, I think.

How does one use this? First, you can go to Discord's website, either on your computer or mobile device, sign up/in, and use it that way. There is also an app, which is actually pretty functional, I think. I have it on my phone and I figure that's how I'll be interacting with it, for the most part. 

Once your ready to go with either the website of the app, then you just need to head to the Ski Rex Media Server, which is as easy as following the link below!

If you think you're into it, give it a once over and let's see how it goes. I'll be honest and say at first, this is going to be kind of experimental as we all learn to use it, but I think it could be a great way to get some more community growth and spread the name of Ski Rex Media. Thanks for checking it out!

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