A Chocolaty Winter For Switzerland? Cocoa Dust Falls In Swiss Town

Though this could seem like the opening to a screenplay for a Wonka reboot, it's a real news story. It would seem that a Swiss town experienced a little bit of chocolate snow...which, here in the world that is not always pure imagination, was the result of a glitch in a local chocolate factory's ventilation system.

A report from the Associated Press confirms local reports from the town of Olten, Switzerland, which lies between Zurich and Basel, of a fine cocoa powder falling from the sky. This was due to a minor defect in the cooling ventilation system of a Lindt & Spruengli owned factory, makers of the chocolate brand Lindt, as well as many others the average chocoholic is familiar with. The defect allowed for the powder to be sent through the system and to the outside.

Though there were strong winds in the area at the time, the cocoa powder spread to only the immediate vicinity of the factory, bringing the onset of chocolate winter to an end with no serious accumulation. 

There has been no serious damage reported from the incident, though there has been confirmation of one car that was covered in the powder. The company offered to pay for any cleaning that may need to be done. There have also been no injuries reports, though the company stated that the powder is harmless to people and the environment.

The defect in the system was repaired and it seems that production has continued as normal.

Photo Credit: The Lindy & Spruengli Company


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