A New & Pretty Unique Edit From Real SkiFi -- "Skiing With Tractors" -- VIDEO

Like many children, I had an obsession with really cool machines. I'm talking about big construction equipment, large trucks, or even industrial farm machines. Real heavy metal, if you will? As an adult, though maybe not as impressed with the size of some of these things (yes I am), I do still find some of them to be pretty cool. With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the latest edit from Real SkiFi was titled perfectly.

In one of the more unique shorts to come out in a bit, watch as the group from Real SkiFi use the true workhorses of the farm, aside from the literal horses, as features and more. I can say that I have never seen anything quite like it and that the part of me that's still into the big machines smiled just as big as the ski film enthusiast part of me. Yep, this is definitely my favorite ski edit from the Real SkiFi bunch and I think that you all will enjoy it just as much.


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