An Early Preview Of Winter In The East -- Snow Seen In The Chic-Choc Mountains

As we start to plan our ski and snowboard trips and just get excited about winter and do some winter daydreaming, in the back of our minds we consider what it might be like to see some snow at the end of the summer. It's not impossible, just not likely. At least, it isn't a very likely thing to happen here in the East. But, just a few days ago, snow was witnessed in the Chic-Choc Mountains and the person that witnessed it took to Instagram to make just about every skier and snowboarder along the eastern seaboard jealous.

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Well, some of you might no be ready for snow but I really am! It’s still August and I never saw fresh snow in August up here! It snowed in early June and than August. Only July without snow flakes! Cheers to an early winter for all of us! No more mosquitoes so only good things can happen from now!! . . . . . #arcteryx #skitheeast #guruenergie #skimichel #blackdiamondequipement #carouneskishop #estski #chicchoc #liveskirepeat #nakedplanet #skiing #earnyourturns #themountainiscalling #exploremore #untrackedexperience #neverstopexploring #ourplanetdaily #explorecanada #lifeonourplanet #gaspesie #parcnationaldelagaspesie #beautifuldestinations #keepitwild #celebratewild #travelawesome #backcountryskiing #ski #keepingtheshredalive #firstsnow #winteriscoming

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Now, you'd be right if you bring up the fact that there is no accumulation in those videos. That's okay, though. There's nothing wrong with a little tease and that's kind of what this is. Mother Nature is just giving us a little tease to make us want the winter to come ever sooner.

That little tease should be enough for everyone, but if it isn't, let's take a look at the weather from August 27th at the top of Mt. Washington, NH, known for having some of the baddest weather on the planet.

True, Mt. Washington is on a level of its own. It could be snow and wind and other winter weather at any time. That isn't the same as seeing it in a place like the Chic-Chocs. I would agree with that, but that's not the point. All I'm trying to do is get your mouth watering for the next season, trying to make that tease a little more effective. Are you excited for winter yet? I know that I am!

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