Could (Or Should) Tim From Ski Rex Media Be The Officiant At A Snow Sports Themed Wedding? -- Ski Rex Says...

This is another one of those blog pieces that may seem absolutely random. In this case, it seems that way because it is. This one comes from a very random thought that I had the other day, and since it kind of ties into skiing or snowboarding, I think it's fine as a piece for Ski Rex Media.

For some reason or another, I found myself thinking about the time I was a wedding officiant. That's right, there was a time back in 2015, while I was living in NJ, that I performed a wedding for the sister of one of my coworkers. It was the first and only one I have performed so far and it seemed to go pretty well. I mean, they got their marriage certificate without a hitch, so I must have gotten the paperwork right if nothing else. But, even though I didn't ask for any money, they paid me and seemed happy with the work I did. Honestly, it was one of the quickest weddings in history, I think. I flew through what I wrote with the quickness and not even the releasing of the butterflies slowed it down.

So, it would be possible for me to officiate another wedding. I even did a little bit of research and found that my credentials count here in the state of Vermont. Actually, it seems that it's almost as easy to get married here as it is in my second home, Las Vegas, but that beside the point. The point is that I can do it, but should I do it and what would that be like.

If you've worked for a ski hill at all, you know that this is nothing new. I'm not breaking any kind of new ground by suggesting that someone gets married at a ski mountain. People do it all of the time and at all times of the year. So, when it comes to the idea of what a Ski Rex Media officiated wedding would like, the answer is pretty obvious. It would likely look like many of the others that have been done. 

It could be something like the autumn version where the ceremony takes place off-mountain and the reception is at the mountain, or both could be at the mountain, and then the bride and groom toss on their ski/boards and boots with their formal wear to take photos while sitting on the lift. That one is pretty standard. It could also be the winter version that has either the same bit, the tux/wedding dress and skis photos, or the whole wedding could head up to the summit where the ceremony is performed and then the reception is at the mountain's summit lodge or everyone skis down for the reception. Again, not something out of the ordinary here.

No, out of the ordinary, and something I would totally do for the right price and after all kinds of waivers were signed, would be to do the wedding while on the move. That is, have the ceremony on skis and snowboards, but while folks were skiing and snowboarding. You don't think it could be done? You're thinking, "Tim, the officiant has to be facing the bride and groom? To get that done while moving, someone would have to be skiing backward." Well, just so you know, the only trick I was ever good at was skiing backward. I'm fairly certain I could do while performing a wedding. It would be a wicked unique ceremony, probably just as quick as the one I did in 2015, and once the run was over the entire wedding could just head into the lodge for the reception.

Though now that I think about it, that would be disastrous for wedding logistics. The bride and groom could only invite those that are comfortable with skiing and riding in a group, plus the need for the mountain to shut the trail down for the ceremony. Nobody wants random heads poaching their wedding run. Then there are the waivers. A group ski with the officiant heading down the trail backward is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Not that I would sue the mountain, but the possibility of injury would increase substantially. Also, would the bride be able to find a helmet that matched her dress not mess up her hair?

Okay, so getting unique to that extreme might not be the best idea. It would seem that the bride and groom would have to settle for my wit, charm, and Z-list celebrity status as far as being unique would go. 

In any case, as I said before, the wedding would look just about the same as any other mountain wedding that had been done, though I think I would try to slip a #shamelessplug in there somewhere. Maybe have a branded shirt, though a nice one, on when I do the ceremony or maybe drop a sticker or two around the reception. No, I wouldn't be a dick about it. I wouldn't go out of my way to ruin a wedding. I'm just saying, is all.

In the end, a Ski Rex Media officiated wedding would look like whatever the planner wants it to look like. It would just be me saying words. Though, we can all hope that one day a couple who just happen to be fans of Ski Rex Media might want a themed wedding. Just the logo all over the tables, decorations, on the cake, and whatever else the bride and groom may desire. I don't want to sound like I lack confidence in myself or the brand, but that's likely not going to happen.

Which leaves us with the question of should I do it or not? The answer, to me, is even easier. Of course, I should! Clearly, I like having an audience and the attention that comes with that, so turning down the opportunity to officiate again would probably never happen. So, along with all of the other bits that have popped on Ski Rex Media, it's not out of the realm of possibility that you all might see a Ski Rex Media wedding one day, or at least the announcement that I have to take a day or two off to go perform one. 

Let's also be honest, it would be a good way to bring in a little side money for the brand, you know what I mean?

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this little random thought. If you are a skiing/snowboarding/mixed couple looking to get married on the mountain, no matter the season or weather, maybe it gives you something to think about. I can do my best to make myself available. If not, then I hope you got a kick out of this piece, at least. Even if it was just a little chuckle or smile. 

Photo: Winter Wedding Promenade - Credit: Steve Jurvetson [CC BY 2.0]


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