Ignore The Rumors, Kids! -- Ski Rex Says...

One of the fun things I'm starting to notice this summer is all of the rumors that are flying around about how the mountains are going to operate during the coming winter. So many different rumors about so many different mountains in so many different regions, though each one roughly about the same as the last. In the end, when it comes to the rumors, I'll tell you this...ignore them!

The fact is, nobody knows exactly what the 2020/2021 season is going to look like. If there was anyone in the industry that did, it would have been announced already.

How do I know that? I know that because the ski industry is a business, which we all know. All of the mountains, whether they're independent or owned by one of the big corporations, are in this to make money and they all have a lot riding on this season. This season could go sideways very quickly, meaning that the mountains could see losses of at least the same as this past season, or maybe even more since they were able to be open for most of last season and may not be so lucky this year.

Trust me, each and every mountain is looking to handle this very carefully, they're all putting as much thought and as much of their resources as they can into making sure this season happens. When they get that sorted out, they aren't going to wait to share it with the world. They are going to want all of us to know exactly what is going to happen so we make the plans to get to those hills. They want us all on the hills, or at least as many of us as they can get during times like this. 

So, with that said, I am here to guarantee that anything you have heard through the grapevine, from a friend, from a supposed leak, or anything of the like is 100% rumor and you should totally let it go. Okay, you're right, I shouldn't say 100%. One or two of these things might be actual "leaks". But, I'm confident that the majority of these are just rumors, not only because some of the rumors are obviously not true, but I have even gone so far as to ask if they are true and was told they aren't. Even the media contacts for the mountains are saying they are hearing more and more stuff that just isn't true, some of which are just plain silly.

I guess the advice I would give is to be patient. We are all waiting for the big announcements with confirmed COVID-19 ski mountain operation plans. That goes double for me since I write news stories and I'd like to get as many people to read them as I can. Not to say that I'm using this just to get views, but I like being able to show everyone what's going on and I'll be right there with you when it comes to planning and getting even more excited once we all know for sure what is going to happen. 

So, ignore the rumors, don't spread the rumors, and just wait a little bit longer. The summer ends in just over a month and it's likely that every mountain in the country is going to want to make their announcements in the fall. Again, we do know some of what's going to happen just from summer operations here and winter operations in the Southern Hemisphere. But, it seems right now, that gives us only a general idea of what to look forward to. The specifics will be different for each mountain and that's what we are waiting to hear about.

It won't be long, though. We can all tough out the waiting. Just don't do it by spreading rumors.

Photo: Bristol Mountain Resort in NY during the autumn - Credit: meg colombo from Finger Lakes, NY, USA / CC BY


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