Man Channels Ali G To Help Save A U.K. Dry Slope

In 2002, English comedian Sasha Baron Cohen took his character Ali G to the big screen with the release of the film Ali G Indahouse. During the film, Ali G stages a protest outside the John Nike Leisure Centre, which is going to be closed down as part of the film's plot. Fast forward to the present and you'll find that the building is actually going to have to shut down.

Housing a dry ski slope, the John Nike Leisure Centre in Bracknell is going to have to keep its doors shut due to not having had the resources to reopen after the U.K. COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. However, as it was in the movie, Ali G is coming to the rescue in hopes to keep the place open, or so it would seem.

Now, as you can see, being that this is an appeal to get the help of Sasha Baron Cohen, that is clearly not him playing Ali G this time. This time the character was played by local DJ and voice impersonator, Ashley Prout. Prout was able to recreate the set up from the movie and also play a passable Ali G. 

Aside from appearing in the Ali G Indahouse film, the John Nike Leisure Centre also appeared in the film Eddie The Eagle. Aside from these films using the center as a shooting location, the facility has been a mainstay in U.K. indoor skiing since it was opened in 1985 by John Nike.


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