Ski Santa Fe Has Snowguns At The Ready To Beat Back Flames

All across the media, there are reports of the wildfires that are raging across the different regions of the western United States. In those stories are the methods and plans used by countless fire companies to contain the flames, though this is a story of how one ski area is at the ready to protect their mountain should the need arise.

Ski Santa Fe out there in New Mexico has decided to take the pressurized water cannons we know as "snowguns" and point them in the direction of the fires, just in case they get a little too close. This comes from a blog post from mountain manager Josh Faber, who began the post talking of plans to "provide exciting news and updates as we close in on the 20/21 ski and snowboard season." However, the post turned to news of the plan that is in place to help fight the fire and protect the ski area.

"Today, I want to give you an update on the ski area’s response to the Medio Fire. We have been in close communication with the Forest Service and fire crews as the fire progresses. I am optimistic that the plans in place from the Forest Service will minimize risk to the ski area, but we began taking extra precautions of our own as soon as we became aware of the fire. This past week we put all of our snow guns around the ski area to protect buildings, lifts, and other critical infrastructure. Currently, we have 33 snow guns in place to spray water at a rate of around 1,000 gallons a minute, if necessary! The crew has worked extremely hard this week and I am very proud of everyone’s efforts. We will continue to monitor the fire around the clock and are ready to protect our beloved ski area. Thank you for the hard work from the Santa Fe National Forest, the Tesuque and Nambe Pueblos, and all of the courageous firefighters on the ground for helping protect the forest that we all love and enjoy so much." - Josh Faber, Mountain Manager

While we hope that these fires, which are doing damage across the United States, do not come in contact with their ski mountain, we also hope that this backup plan will help put them, and the firefighters who they will end up assisting, in a better position to fight the flames.

Thumbnail Credit: Ski Santa Fe/FB


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