The Head Of Sugarbush Resort Takes A Swing At What This Season Could Look Like

For just about every snowsports enthusiast there is, the question as to what this coming season is going to look like has been first and foremost. Though we are all staring into a season that could quite possibly be like nothing any of us have seen before, it's still not a bad idea to direct that question to the industry veterans. In this case, we have Win Smith, President and COO of Sugarbush Resort VT, taking a swing at answering the question "So, what is going to happen this winter?" This was the topic of a blog post that Smith wrote on July 29th, which is linked just below.

So, What is Going to Happen This Winter?

Wherever I go, with my face partially hidden by my Sugarbush logo face mask, I inevitably get asked, "So what is going to happen this winter?" Since many jokingly believe I predicted the onset of the current pandemic and sold Sugarbush just a few weeks before COVID-19 hit, I am sure they are looking for a definitive answer.

The wonderful thing about the article is that Smith is very optimistic about the coming season, saying "We will surely begin snowmaking as we normally do around November 1st if the temperatures permit." That's a good sign for fans of Sugarbush, though it's likely that several, if not all, Vermont mountains share in the same level of optimism.

However, the point that could be considered the most important speaks to what day to day operations are going to look like. As most everyone already knows, there will likely need to be reservations made, masks worn, distances kept, and facilities limited. We know this from current summer operations here in the Northern Hemisphere and from winter operations in the south. While Smith does agree that this could be the part of the coming winter's operations, he also looks to the bright side of things by adding the following;

"But given what we know now, it is likely that the normally large weekend and holiday indoor crowds will not be allowed in restaurants, bars, rentals, and ski and ride school. It may be that online reservations will become our new normal, as it has for golf this summer and for dining a Hogan’s Pub. It may be that more people are working at home or in their second homes here in the Mad River Valley and that our skier visits could get spread out over 7 days instead of being concentrated on Saturdays and a few holidays. Wouldn’t that make for a better experience? It may be that there is more demand for private ski and ride lessons that become more like group privates with friends and families signing up together rather than being placed with strangers. It may be that we have more outdoor dining and apr├Ęs options in the Lincoln Peak Courtyard and elsewhere."

The optimism and the positivity could be the best way to look at the coming season, because in the end, even with all of the current preparations being made by mountain towns and resorts, none of us is quite sure how the season is going to look and won't really have a concrete answer to that question until it gets closer to opening day. However, be positive, be optimistic, and get your gear and your rear ready. Winter is right around the corner and we'll all be riding something.

Photo: Sugarbush Resort, VT - Credit: Abby Sessock/Sugarbush Resort


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