The Ski Rex Media "Prepping For Next Season" Giveaway - Ski Rex Says...

What? The headline says there is a giveaway going on?

That's right, My Friends. Right now across the Ski Rex Media's social media pages, there is a merch giveaway going on. Actually, it more like a giveaway/drawing.

Here's the deal, head to Ski Rex Media's Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages, and there you will find a post all about the giveaway. Here, let me add them below.

So, now that all of the posts are laid out and you can pick your social media platform of choice. Here is what you need to do to enter to win a Ski Rex Media branded hoodie with the design of your choice in the color of your choice.
  1. Pick whichever social media platform you prefer, "Like" the post and leave a comment about being excited for winter, excited for being part of the Ski Rex Media community, that you love Vermont, or whatever you feel would work. That's it. (Also, while you're there, you might as well follow Ski Rex Media.)
  2. Wait for a week. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, September 2nd. It'll be an old school drawing...names out of a hat. I'll pick three entrants, those entrants win a hoodie.
  3. I'll contact you for shipping, size, design, and color info. After that, it's up to the manufacturer and the delivery service, but you should get it before winter.
Which is why I call this the "Prepping For Next Season" giveaway. I'm going to help keep you warm in the fall and winter. Plus, prepping for next season is what I have been talking about on the podcast. Pretty good, right?

If you have questions, refer to this link to see if the answer is there. That's the page with all the rules and regulations on it. If your question isn't answered there, feel free to contact me through any of the social media platform's direct messaging systems or an email to 

Good luck and enjoy it! Thank you for taking an interest in the giveaway and in Ski Rex Media. I hope that you like everything that I write for the website, produce for the podcast, and perform for the Live Stream & #VirtualApres Party. 

Oh, and by the way, I am not supposed to ask you to share any of the social media posts above. They don't like that. However, if you choose to tell your friends, that's all up to you, but I thank you in advance.


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