TreeHugging World Championships 2020 Live From Finland On August 22nd

Several parts of this story work out for those of us that are outdoor and snow sports fans. First, this story comes all the way from Scandinavia, or Finland to be more exact. That's a country far enough north to be known for some serious wintertime action. Also, with the onset of COVID-19, just about each and every competition within the realm of outdoor and snow sports has been postponed or canceled, but not this one. Lastly, as outdoor and snow sports enthusiasts, we all have an interest in promoting environmentalism, even if it's a small interest. This competition also has that in mind. Presenting the TreeHugging World Championships 2020.

"As the world has moved indoors, our chances of hugging our fellow human beings have become limited. But fear not, there are still trees to hug!" -

Taking place in the HaliPuu forest in Levi, Lapland, Finland, the TreeHugging World Championships are exactly what one would think. A championship devoted to hugging trees.

The HaliPuu forest is a protection project set up initially to save a family forest, though has grown to allow people from around the world to adopt trees to help. One can not only adopt a tree but view the forest online or visit in real life.

While visiting might not be an option for everyone during COVID-19 travel restrictions, the HaliPuu forest will have an invitational live event, though a modified one, on August 22nd at 12 noon CET (6 A.M. EST). For those invited to Levi, Finland, have a nice trip and a good time at the event. But, what about those around the world that can't make the trip?

The event will be broadcast live via Periscope on this website. However, watching the event live isn't the only way to support or to participate. For those looking to get in on the action from other parts of the world, you totally can.

If you would like to enter the TreeHugging World Championships from afar, you are more than welcome to do that. The basic rules involve getting a picture of yourself hugging your favorite tree and tell the folks at the HaliPuu forest why that tree is your favorite. Entrants have until the morning of August 29th to submit their entries. The full detailed rules, which you must follow, are available at the HaliPuu forest website.

The winner will get a pretty sweet prize. "The winner of #TreeHugging2020 will be invited to defend their title personally during TreeHugging World Championships 2021 in the HaliPuu -forest, Levi, Finland, and will receive one-week free accommodation (sponsored by Visit Levi) and a private Arctic Cocooning experience with the HaliPuu-family during their trip (travel not included)."

If you love trees and are looking for a way to show it that could be fun and unique, this is the way to go. If you win, then that's bragging rights and that chance to stay in Finland, a country that many people say is wicked gorgeous, with the accommodations covered. Why not check it out?

TreeHugging World Championships 2020 - Halipuu

As the world has moved indoors, our chances of hugging our fellow human beings have become limited. But fear not, there are still trees to hug!

Photo Credit: HaliPuu/FB


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