A Portable, Backyard Rope Tow System Coming Soon To Kickstarter From Towpro Lifts LLC

As we stare down a season that is going to require reservations and advanced purchases, it would be nice to have a backup plan for the days that we can't get up the mountain. True, one could just go with an uphill setup and that's totally fine, but what if that isn't really your thing? What if you would rather just have a lift on your backyard or some other local hill that your allowed to go on? One would get more runs with a lift rather than skins and snowshoes, right? If that's your mindset, have a look at this cool piece of tech, coming soon to Kickstarter.

Towpro Lifts already can whip together a portable surface lift system with resort use in mind, but now they are looking to bring the fun home in a stripped down, recreational or consumer level system. A system that includes everything one would need to set up a couple of runs on a hill just up the street from one's house or in their own backyard.

If you think that having one of these in your car, truck, or van would be awesome for a day that you just can't get to your home mountain and let's be honest, it would be kind of awesome, then keep an eye out for when the Towpro Kickstarter goes live on October 1st. You can add it to your calendar or set up a notification from Kickstarter by heading to the link below. Be mindful, though, the campaign is running through to Halloween, so don't forget.

Coming soon: Towpro - The Backyard Rope Tow

Will Mayo is raising funds for Towpro - The Backyard Rope Tow on Kickstarter! Portable Backyard Rope Tow System for skiers and snowboarders.


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