A Snow Park Coming To Florida This Winter? -- Snowcat Ridge Opens November 2020

"Snowcat Ridge is the first Florida Snow Park of its kind featuring snow tubing, snow play, and an Alpine Village."
- Snowcat Ridge Website

Nikola Telsa once said, “There is a difference between progress and technology, progress benefits mankind. Technology does not necessarily do that.” While there is more truth in that statement than most are willing to accept, in this instance, technology, whichever type is being used, is certainly going to benefit those in the central west of Florida.

Snowcat Ridge will be the only snow park in the state of Florida, which seems like something one would have never imagined, but it does seem to be happening. According to the website, the park is set to open in November of this year. 

Currently, the park is set to open with a 60-foot-tall hill with 400-feet of tubing runs, which will be accessed by a magic carpet style lift. That makes it a legit, run-of-the-mill tubing park, though it will be surrounded by the not-so-wintery scenery of central Florida. Guests will have their choice of single, tandem, and 6-person family tubes for the ride.

Along with the tubing hill, there will be an opportunity for visitors to play in real snow, everything from snowmen to snow castles, in the park's snow dome. It looks to be similar to an indoor ski/snowboard facility, though not quite the size. The dome will also include a child-sized version of the tubing hill for the littlest of riders.

It's true, some people from the southern parts of the United States live a great deal of their life without seeing snow, but as we get deeper into the 21st century, there is now an opportunity for that to change. More information can be found at the Snowcat Ridge website by clicking https://snowcatridge.com/ and/or following the park's social media pages.

All Photos Credit: Snowcat Ridge/FB


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