How Does A T-Rex Get His Gear Off The Car? - A Ski Rex Media Fictional Story

Does anything beat a beautiful, blue-sky day at the mountain?

There wasn't a cloud in sight. There were, however, more than a few skiers and riders jamming up the parking lot of the local ski mountain, which was to be more than expected on a bluebird day. You know that kind of day. The kind of day where the sun is hitting so hard that the goggle tan will be on point, temps where it's just cold enough to remind someone that it is still winter, and, of course, the parking lots are full people. It's not an uncommon sight. However, there was one skier out of all of them that made this common day very uncommon.

The skier pulled up in a van, which is also not an uncommon sight. A van is a great vehicle to use for a day up on the hill. It can hold everything one would need and maybe even a little more, depending on how much that person was carrying to the mountain. No, the vehicle wasn't odd in any way.

In this case, though it may sound like a bad thing to think, it was the skier that was a little odd. Perhaps odd isn't the right word? Perhaps unique would be a more accurate way to put it, though this is the 21st century, and seeing someone like this isn't something most people can say they have done. No, this skier was more than a little unique, or even odd.

But it wasn't his clothes or demeanor that made him odd. It wasn't something that he said or did. It wasn't his license plate, because we all know that skiers and riders will notice an out of state license plate at their local hill. It was, in part, the size of the skier the climbed out of the van. Though it could be said that, once one got past their initial shock of his appearance, that he might have been a little small. To put it quite simply, a T-Rex climbed out of the driver's seat of that van.

He was kind of small for a T-Rex, or at least, one would think that with all that we know of dinosaurs from the past. This one stood just over six feet tall from his feet to the top of his head, though he did have a tail that was the proportionate length of his body. He was all geared up for a day out on the mountain with pants and a coat that were in style, which one might question where those came from after getting over the fact that an honest to goodness T-Rex was wearing them. He even had his goggles turned backward on his head, though he wasn't wearing a helmet at the time. 

As he approached the rear of his vehicle, those passing by slowed their pace, and in some cases stopped to watch what the T-Rex was going to do next. Although the sight of a T-Rex in a ski hill parking lot would be surprising, maybe even a little unnerving, his next objective wouldn't have been so out of the ordinary and it's kind of foolish to question what he was going to do next. He was going to take his gear off of the roof of the van and head out onto the mountain for the day.

While some would think that it would be foolish to question what the T-Rex was going to do next, maybe even find it rude to stand, stare, and watch what he was going to do next, this was exactly what the T-Rex wanted.

Was he arrogant or just craving attention? Well, maybe a little part of him was, but getting that attention that he may have craved was going to come in handy over the next few minutes. To be honest, one of the reasons that the T-Rex decided to show up when the parking lot would be full was to take advantage of this situation full of onlookers and nosy people.

As one may realize, even without seeing this skiing T-Rex in person, his arms are very short. Just as he has a tail that is proportionate to his body, he also has arms that fit him the same way. 

Now, there are many that might think this would be a hindrance to the skiing T-Rex, and maybe it was at some time. Even some of the onlookers might have thought that as they watched the T-Rex walk to the back of his van and looked up at the roof rack that held his skis. But honestly, the T-Rex was not looking up at that rack while pondering how to get his equipment down. No, he already knew how that was going to happen.

The T-Rex, though he did have short arms, also had a van that had door handles that were well within his reach. He opened the rear doors, swinging them both to the sides so that his van was wide open. He then turned, lifted his tail into the back of the van, and proceeded to lean against the rear bumper. He took his hands and crossed them the best that he could. The T-Rex equivalent of crossing one's arms. He leaned back just a little bit, dipped his right shoulder just a little bit, and cocked his head to the left and raised his snout just enough to notice. He then stood there just looking cool.

One could argue that cool, just like beauty, was in the eye of the beholder. The T-Rex would very much agree with anyone making that statement because what could be cooler than a T-Rex, geared up to go skiing, leaning against a van at one's local ski mountain? There is nothing cooler than that. 

This was, of course, what the T-Rex was counting on. True, most folks were shocked at the sight of a T-Rex getting out of a van and getting ready to go skiing, but once that passed, there was nothing but interest and questions, all of which the T-Rex was ready to answer.

It didn't take long for a group of younger folks to walk up and ask the T-Rex many questions about what he was doing, which again, should have been obvious. But the T-Rex was ready to answer anything that might come out of the young people's mouths. If you think that people were shocked by the sight of this T-Rex, imagine how they felt when he not only answered, but he did so in their language and in a voice that one might not expect from a T-Rex. He actually sounded like a human.

As the T-Rex leaned all cool and talked with the young folks, he ended up making some more ski friends. We all know that skiing and riding can be very social sports. The new friends talked for a while, but not so long that it would cut into their day of riding too much. In fact, it was the T-Rex that suggested that he and his new friend group get their act together and head to the lifts, which was the perfect segway for him to ask his new group of friends to reach up and pull down his skis. 

See how that worked out? It's part of a happy ending.

Once the T-Rex's new friends helped get his gear down, they headed out of the parking lot and off to get on the lift to start their day of skiing and riding. A day that was still very beautiful with plenty of snow to be had by all, including this new group of fast friends.


As the group of friends now walked to the lifts, one of the members of the group turned, for whatever reason she may have had, to look at the T-Rex's van one more time before it was out of sight. She happened to notice a single sticker on one of the van's rear windows. A sticker that she had seen before but, other than heading to the website that the sticker advertised, hadn't thought much about. But now, it just felt right that this sticker was stuck to the back of the T-Rex's van.

Anyone want to guess what the sticker said?


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