If I Can't Buy Ski Rex Media Mountain Resort, I'll Build It...In Game

For those who have been following Ski Rex Media from the beginning, it's likely that you are aware of the Ski Rex Media Mountain Resort bit. If you aren't, I've talked many times about having my very own ski resort. I've even been making the trail signs for the mountain, which again, does not exist. Well, today I am taking the bit one step further and building it out in a video game that is going to be released this fall. As there is more to me than snowsports, you'll find that, though I am not the gamer I was as a kid, I still like to play a little here and there and those games are mostly tycoon and city builder games or sandbox games. So, present to you now gameplay video for Snowtowpia, a ski resort tycoon style game coming out this fall.


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