Mad River Glen Kickstarter Campaign For A Niehues Map

"Mad River Glen in Fayston, Vermont, is different from other ski hills. It boasts the only single chair in North America. It prizes uncrowded, natural skiing above faster lifts and shorter lift lines. It’s the only skier-owned cooperative in the U.S., and has always been and intends to remain fiercely independent."
- Mad River Glen Kickstarter Campaign

It has been a year of improvement for Mad River Glen, VT. The mountain has been plugging away at a renovation/rebuild project to give some of the mountain's older buildings a facelift. Beyond that, however, the mountain has begun a new project looking to update trail maps by hiring the best in the business.

"Mad River Glen faithful know that one of the most endearing characteristics of the mountain is its ability to remain encapsulated in time. The trails, buildings and lifts all harken back to an age when life moved at a slower pace, and everything seemed to be a little more simple. The one missing piece to the puzzle is a trail map that captures the spirit of the mountain—a map hand-painted by the legendary ski map artist Jim Niehues." - Mad River Glen Kickstarter Campaign

James Niehues is an artist that every skier and rider knows. Even if they don't know him by name, they know of his work. Over the last 30 years, Niehues has created hand-painted trail maps from more than 200 ski mountains from around the world. While providing a way for skiers and riders to find their way around the mountains, he ended up taking simple maps into a world of iconic pieces of art.

Mad River Glen is looking to add to the list of Niehues painted mountains with their commissioning of a brand new trail map, a map that Niehues has started. The funding for this project is coming from a Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign has already been running, with the goal already having been met close to ten times over. The plan is to use the funding to pay for Niehues's work, then use anything over the goal for the printing of maps and new signage featuring the Niehues creation. Though the goal has been beaten, it can be assumed that the mountain would still love any help that people would like to provide.

Right now, any support given to the project will come with the reward of unframed and framed art prints of the new map in various sizes. At the beginning of the campaign, there were options to get signed prints, but even though those went for the most money, they have also made it to the "All Gone!" category of the campaign.

If you're interested in helping fund the project or if you're looking for more detailed information, you can follow the link below to the Kickstarter campaign. A Nieuhues map, especially an art print of a brand new one, is always a welcome piece to hand on any skier or riders wall. However, you have to act now as the campaign is set to finish up on October 2, 2020.

A Ski Legend Paints Mad River Glen a New Trail Map

Open Road Ski Company is raising funds for A Ski Legend Paints Mad River Glen a New Trail Map on Kickstarter! Help give this iconic mountain a new trail map by legendary ski artist James Niehues

Photo Credit: Mad River Glen/FB


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