The Timing Is In The Title - Watch "Season Ender" From Real Skifi - VIDEO

Isn't it interesting to come across a ski edit called Season Ender just as we are preparing for the season to start?

Once again the group over at Real Skifi has done a wonderful job with a skiing video, which this time includes a title that might seem out of place for the timing of the release. But, this one was filmed at the end of last season. 

Now, these guys do a wonderful job every time. I say that anytime I do a review or post about one of their edits. But, there is something extra special about this one. There is something about the day it was filmed. Obviously, a spring day if it was at the end of the season, but being filmed on an overcast, cloudy day added something to the look of the film. That combined with the chilled out vibe just makes from a great closer to the season.

Even if the season is just weeks away.


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