Warren Miller Entertainment Dropped A Teaser For This Year's Film...FROM KILLINGTON!!!

One of the wonderful things about any film in any genre is getting to see a place one has been in real life on the big screen or even the small screen in the days of video rental and streaming. For me, the first time this ever happened was when I saw the Chevy Chase movie Funny Farm when I was a little kid, which was filmed in a town I would end up spending part of my high school career in here in Vermont. This time I get to say "Hey, I've been there!" when it comes to Warren Miller Entertainment's 71st film, Future Retro, which not only has a segment from the one and only Killington Resort, not far from the old Ski Rex Media HQ, but that segment is part of a teaser trailer for the new film. Check it out!

Just seeing Vermont featured in a ski film, especially when the mountain is The Beast, gets me even a little more excited for the coming season than I already was, and I was pretty excited, anyway. 

Just from the teaser, it seems that this segment is going to capture what it's like to not only be an East Coast skier but get even more specific than that when it comes to being a New England and Vermont skier or rider. 

Warren Miller Entertainment is always good for a decent film each and every year, and it's likely this will not be an exception. For those that are ready to check it out, the film debuts in Novermber of 2020. If you would like more information, please check out the the link below.

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