A Day On The Hill -- A Ski Rex Media "Pick-A-Path" Story by Tim Meyer -- Part 1 -- Ski Rex Says...

Do you remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series of novels from when you were a kid? I'm sure you do, or you at least know what I am talking about. There were also other series that were written in the "Pick-A-Path" format, though I'm pretty sure that the "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels were and still are the most popular. Fun fact, the "Choose Your Own Adventure" company's home office is here in Vermont.

Anyway, I figured it would be fun to relive those times of our youth and play out one of those adventures, it'll just be one written by me that centers around a day at the hill, which I am sure you figured out from the title.

The only difference here is that you'll be playing with the group and the next step will be chosen by a vote. At the end of each part will be a poll with the two or three choices that can be made. After a bit of time goes by, whichever choice is the most popular will be the next step in the game.

Now, by doing it this way, you won't know where the story will lead had the other choices been made. But, don't fret. If this gets popular enough, or even if it doesn't, I'll make sure to publish the entire story so you can go back through and make the choices you want to make, and then you can see where the story goes.

What do you say? Are you interested in playing along? I hope that you are and if that's true, go ahead and start reading below. I think this could be fun, it'll give me a chance to flex the creative muscles, and I really just hope that you all enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

It's a wonderful day to be at the ski hill.

There's some fresh snow on the ground, the skies are blue without a single cloud no matter which direction you look and the cold has just enough bite to let one know that it's there It's a fine bluebird day at the best place on the planet to spend a day like this...a ski hill.

You do your usual morning routine after getting out of the car. You really quickly change out of your sneakers and into your boots, you pull your bag and coat out of the backseat, and you finish off by taking your skis off the top of the car. Though pretty standard, and fairly quick and easy, especially since you drove here wearing everything else, including your goggles, it's all necessary for the day ahead.

You can't help but have a smile on your face and a spring in your step as you make your way through the parking lot on a day like this. In fact, your spring and your smile are bordering on getting kind of goofy. That's what excitement can do to a person. Anyway, there really aren't that many people in the parking lot that would notice any kind of goofiness that might shine through. That's the benefit of heading out to the mountain on a weekday morning. Even with a near-perfect day such as this, most people are stuck at work or school and you'll have just about the whole mountain to yourself to play.

With that in mind, you take a look around the base as you approach, just to make sure your head is in the right place about having the hill to yourself. No need to get your own hopes up. But, as you look around the base area, you notice two very specific things.

The first is the most obvious, that there are no other people waiting for lifts. You could head right over, too, being that you're a pass holder and your armband holding your pass is displayed, almost proudly, for everyone to see, even though it really only matters that the ticket checker sees it. But, why not brag a little?

The other thing you notice stops you dead in your tracks. Not so much because it's something out of place or something overly exciting, but it is a very welcome sight. Actually, it's not just the sight. It's the way it catches the attention of just about all of your senses.

The Slopeside Bakery Shack is open just as it is every morning. But, it's almost impossible to walk past it and not take in all of the wonderful smells of the morning's fresh goods. The scents of freshly made coffee cakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and some of the most amazing donuts one could ever come across. Donuts covered with chocolates or sugar or fruits and filled the same. If there was ever a place that could make the rest of the mountain a secondary thought, this was it.

Now you face a dilemma. A dilemma that has plagued many a skier and rider over the years. It's true, getting first chair is one of the great moments for anyone who takes to the mountain. It's a wonderful thing that others will fist bump you for all day long because you're certainly going to let anyone you talk to know that you had first chair.

Then again, a couple of chocolate glazed, homemade, banging donuts and hot chocolate would go down so smooth right now. It's also true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and who would blame you for making sure you ate before a day on the hill? You will need your energy, after all.

This is how the voting went for part one. Check out part two, which is linked below.

A Day On The Hill -- A Ski Rex Media "Pick-A-Path" Story by Tim Meyer -- Part 2 -- Ski Rex Says...

As good as it would be to grab a couple of donuts and a hot chocolate, there really is nothing like getting first chair, especially on a bluebird day like today. You drop your skis onto the snow, get your feet locked into your bindings, and you push off towards the lift, which has no line at all.


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