Can I Rate Vermont's Ski Areas & Resorts And Pick The Best? -- Ski Rex Says...

There are more than a handful of ski areas and resorts spread across the little state that Ski Rex Media calls home. Though all of them are similar in many ways, which of these mountains stand out above the rest? Which mountains are really the tops when it comes to the Green Mountain State?

To answer that, one has to look at each mountain individually for what it has to offer as far as vertical feet, the number of lifts & trails, snowmaking coverage, average length of the season, amenities, and the fan following or notoriety that the mountain has. The thing about all of these is that they are all statistics that one can read by heading to the "About The Mountain"  link on any mountain's website. 

To really know who the best is, one would have to take all of that information above and combine it with the experience that one could have at any or all of the mountains across the state. One would have to take the time to ski or snowboard each and every ski area and resort in Vermont. Would that be hard work? In a way, it would. Would it be worth it? For more than one reason.

So, we add the statistics to the experience and that should give us a clue as to which mountain stands head and shoulders above all of the others. There is just one problem with's not totally accurate.

You see, I could go out and ski each and every mountain in the state, which I haven't done yet. I could tell you all about my day at the mountain. I could tell you about the people I talked to there, the trails I skied, the food I ate, how the lifties treated the people in line, and how pretty the women are, but in the end, it's just my opinion.

For me to rate the mountains in Vermont would be a ridiculous thing to do, even if I have skied each and every one of them, including the small, single rope tow areas that dot the state alongside the large resorts. You see, there is a huge difference between which mountains are good and bad and the ones that I like or dislike. Meaning, just because I didn't like a mountain on the day I was there, if that were even possible, it doesn't mean that it's a bad mountain or any worse than any other.

Also, as you could have guessed from one sentence in the above paragraph, I am 100% totally biased. I love Vermont. I always have, even way back to the days when I was growing up on the southern part of the state, which saw my teen years spent working at Mount Snow. I loved it there and I love it here in the central-east part of the state as well, and all of the other parts of the state that I have visited in my travels.

In the end, there is no way that I could tell you the top mountains in the state because I am sure I would love them all. In fact, out of all of the mountains that I have skied at in several states, there is only one I didn't like. To that point, other people seem to love that place. So, I can't and wouldn't try to tell you which mountains are the best anywhere. The only way you are going to figure that out is by trying them all yourself.

But remember, if you do take on that task, try not to say "That mountain sucks!" or "That's the best mountain in the world!" They might be your least and most favorite, but that's as far as you can go. Also, just like most lessons from Ski Rex Media, you can apply that to other things in your life. Never forget that there is a difference between "Like/Dislike" and "Good/Bad".

With all of that said, however, I'm also not above bribes and kickbacks. If there is any mountain in the state of Vermont that thinks that I should think they are the best, I'm willing to entertain that for a price. Just sayin'.

Photo Credit: Tim Meyer For Ski Rex Media


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