Child Star Kai Jones Featured Segment From TGR's Make Believe -- VIDEO

We all have memories of watching child stars grow up on television and movie screens. Melissa Joan Hart, Neil Patrick Harris, and Corey & Topanga are some of my favorites. Well, right now in the snow sports and freeski world, we have a child star to watch grow throughout a career that could last an almost literal lifetime. Of course, I'm talking about Jackson Hole's own Kai Jones, whose segment from the latest Teton Gravity Research film Make Believe was recently released.

The 13-year-old Kai Jones is proving to be another example of ideas about the difference between know-how and talent. Though just having entered his teens, the boy makes freeriding look almost effortless, almost as if he were born to do it. Maybe he was. In any case, the beauty of his segment isn't just in the wonderful cinematography that TGR is known for, but comes from being able to see the skiing of a multi-year veteran through the eyes and actions of a child. There's just something wonderful about that.

It almost makes one wonder if the segments featuring the adults can stand up to that of Jones? The best way to find out to watch the film, which is currently available on several streaming services. Those services and all other information are available on the Teton Gravity Research website at


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