Indy Pass Is Giving Away A Western Skiing Or Riding Road Trip

"Indy Pass and our coalition of independent resorts want to hook you up with a dream ski trip in the West. We’re giving you everything you need for an unforgettable week on the slopes, including airfare, a luxury travel van, two pairs of Atomic skis, spending cash, and of course, unrestricted Indy Passes!"
 - Indy Pass

That's right! Indy Pass is looking to award a lucky prize winner with a $7,000 Dream Road Trip touring the PNW and Upper Rockies this winter, all with an Indy Pass in hand.

How can you get your chance to win such a trip? That's pretty easy. All you have to do is head to and enter for your chance to win.

The lucky person that wins this one will be getting the opportunity to be handed two unrestricted Indy+ Passes that will get them riding at their choice of over 16 Indy partnered resorts across the Pacific Northwest and the Northern Rockies.

But, it doesn't stop there. They are just offering skiing, but they are going to fly you to the PNW to start your adventure. The prize package includes round trip airfare to Portland, OR on Alaska Airlines.

Then, once you've gotten off the plane, your next stop will be a trip to pick up a 4X4 luxury van for Roamerica that you'll be using for the next seven days on your tour of the Indy resorts. Plus, you'll be strapping two pairs of Atomic Vantage skis, with bindings, to that bad boy and pocket $1,000 in spending cash.

Does that sound like something you might be up for? It's likely much harder to find someone who wouldn't be up for a trip like that. For those looking for more information about the "Ski The West" contest from Indy Pass or if you're ready to enter right this second, please head to the website linked below.

Ski the West 2020 - Indy Pass

Indy Pass is a great new way to discover the spirit of skiing at North America's most authentic and independent ski resorts. For just $199, it allows you to ski or ride 56 resorts for 2 days each, adding up to over 100 days of shredding.

P.S. - While you're at the website, why not take a minute to pick up an Indy Pass all your know...just in case you don't end up winning the contest. Ski Rex Media is riding the Indy Pass this year. Why not join the fun? The three payment deal of $66.33 is still in effect until October 15th.

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