Remastered Video Of A French Snowball Fight From Over A Century Ago -- VIDEO

This should be a pretty obvious question to ask those that play in the snow sports community...who doesn't enjoy a good snowball fight?

Well, it would seem that it's something folks have enjoyed for longer than all of us have been around, which probably goes without saying. But, how awesome is it to see folks from just before the turn of the 20th century firing down on each other with snowballs and enjoy it?

This film was captured back in the winter of 1896 by Louis Lumière in France but has been remastered to look quite good, even for today's standards. It's great to know that human history has always had those that have enjoyed the winter months.

It's also kind of awesome to think that we now have technology that can make a film that's just over 120 years old and make it look so good that one almost has to question if the film is really that old. 


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