What's This? Is The Race To Open Already Won? In the Upper Midwest?

Snow has been flying all over the place, including here in New England. When the snow starts to fly, the snow sports enthusiasts start to get a little squirrely about the race to open. But, could the race to open already have been won by a mountain coming out of Minnesota?

While there are those that would argue that just having a terrain park and a rope tow open doesn't actually count as being the first open in the country, there are those that would say otherwise. As Ryan from greatlakeskiing.com put it, "Lifts are turning and it’s skiing. It’s just as open as a 1 run white ribbon of death anywhere else."

That, my friends, is the right answer. Let's hope that Wild Mountain out there in Taylors Falls, MN gets the credit they deserve. Sure, there will be more than a few haters out there saying it doesn't count, but that's okay. Who listens to those folks, anyway? Enjoy your skiing and riding, Minnesota!

Thumbnail Credit: Wild Mountain/FB


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