Where Is A Good Place To Go? Such A Loaded Question -- Ski Rex Says...

Just the other day I was sitting here at the computer in the HQ and out of the corner of my eye, I caught my phone lighting up with a notification. I took a look and it just so happened to be for a message on the Discord server. I was a little shocked since I haven't had a lot of run with the Discord server as of yet. I'm still working on ways to make that a little more popular. Anyway, it was a young person who had a couple of questions about snowboarding that I was all too happy to attempt to answer.

The first was an interesting one. The person was wondering where they could get a custom snowboard, as in for the artwork. I pointed the person in a couple of directions but honestly didn't know that many off the top of my head. It's something I think I will be doing more research on. In any case, the person was pretty appreciative of the answer. 

The second question, however, is the one that threw me for a loop, though one would think that it would be the easier of the two. But, the more I thought about the question and the way in which it was presented, and I'm totally open to the idea that I might have overthought it, the more I did think about it, the more I realized how much goes into answering a question like this.

Which Places Are Good To Go To?

Now, before I get too into what I was thinking, the person's actual question was "What places are good to go with a reasonable price?" The person also suggested that they were not all that experienced. But here's the kicker, the person never really gave me where they would like to go, which is the issue. They said they were in the United States, but didn't get any more specific. So, how do I or anyone else answer that, especially in the times of COVID-19? I never did get to answer the question for the person, as they never came back to the server, but I did put some thought into it and that's what you're going to be reading about here.

As I see it, we can get the COVID-19 part out of the way very quickly, mostly because it really isn't a big part of the point I am hoping to make with this piece. But, I have been telling folks to stay local this year with their skiing and riding, or at least as local as they can get. It's just going to be easier for everyone because of travel and lodging restrictions. I did tell this person it's likely possible to travel since folks have been doing it, but there are still the quarantine guidelines and such that make it a pain in the backside. It's just easier to stay local.

Now, after I said that, which if you'd like you can read on the Ski Rex Media Discord server, I did ask for a more specific location. I wasn't being a creeper and asking where this person lived, I was just wondering which state or region they were looking to ride in. They never did give me a specific area, though. They just left it vague and never came back to the conversation. That didn't stop me from thinking about it, though.

Where is a good place to go? Well, my answer would have been anywhere that has skiing and snowboarding available. That seems like a pretty generalized answer, which is something I am not fond of giving, but it applies. It applies because it's an answer to such a loaded question, a question that will have a different answer from almost every last person one asks.

For example, Ski Rex Media is located in Vermont, which most of you already know. Now, if one were to ask someone what's a good place to ski or ride in Vermont, that person will give them an answer, which will likely be based on the favorite places of the person answering or the places they have heard the most about. But if the person asking were to ask a second person, though some of the locations might be the same, there's equally as good a chance that there will be different places. The fact is if one were to ask just a handful of people, and it wouldn't have to be that many, they would likely have every last resort and ski area suggested to them. 

That's really what it comes down to. People are going to answer that question by giving the names they know and the places they like, which stands to reason. But as I said, eventually, a person will hear the name of every resort and area there is. This then brings us to the actual answer of every place is a good place to go.

One could go a step further and ask the question in a more specific way. Something like "What is the best place to go skiing or snowboarding?" That question, however, can't be answered. There is no way to answer which mountain is best because in this case, "best" is a subjective term. Oh, people will be more than happy to tell you what the best mountain is, but the answer they are actually giving you is their favorite mountain. Always remember, and this applies to things outside of snowsports as most Ski Rex Media lessons do, there is a big difference between something being the best and something just being someone's favorite. 

So, in the end, it really is a loaded question when asking a skier or rider where a good place to go to is. Most skiers and riders are going to be all too happy to answer it and the person asking could get more places to try than they bargained for. That's actually a good thing because it means that every mountain and ski area is getting a plug from time to time and that a lot of riders aren't going to push the names they have heard the most. 

I'll say this, though. Every mountain and ski area is worth checking out, but one has to make that choice for themself based on the time they have and where they are, and if there is a pandemic going on or not. Hit as many as you're able and then pick your favorite. Oh, and get this, after you've done that you better believe someone is eventually going to ask you where to go, too. Then you'll have the same answer we all do. 'I like this place, this place, & this place. I think you should check those out."  It's just a big circle of plugging mountains.

Photo Credit: Mount Snow / CC BY-SA


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