Winter Made An Appearance Here In The East This Past Weekend -- 1ST SNOW!

Heading into this past weekend, which would be the third weekend in October 2020, precipitation was falling all over the northeast. For us valley dwellers, it was a ton of rain, which is good since that means the snowmaking ponds should be filling up quite nicely. But, if one were to look up to the mountain tops, one was greeted with just a tad bit of snow. How much is a tad? Take a look.

The Beast was not the only place in New England, and more specifically Vermont, to show off the unexpected romantic rendezvous of Mother Nature and Old Man Winter. Mountains from across the state had plenty to share, which included folks that were able to get out there and get some wicked early season turns.

Vermont wasn't the only place to see that wonderful mountain snow, though. There were images coming from all over the northern and higher altitude locations from all over the region. This includes the highest altitude here in New England, Mount Washington. To get even a little more specific, there was a bunch of snow on one of New England's most popular backcountry destinations, Tuckerman Ravine.

So many questions to be asked after a weekend like this. How cool is it to ski or ride amongst the autumn foliage? Are our western Brethren and Sistren a bit jealous? Should we get our hopes up for a banging winter here in the east? Should we just keep our gear on standby, just in case? No matter the answers to those and other questions, it was quite the sight to see, and very much a welcome one. Sure, it's a little bit of a tease, but still a welcome sight just the same.

Photo: Snow sitting on one of the trails at Pico Mountain, VT - Credit: Pico Mountain/FB


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