An Honest To Goodness, Legit, Snow Day - Schools Closed In Upstate NY This Past Week

Schools may be in or out of session depending on where one lives due to COVID-19 guidelines. Those guidelines have also pushed schools to use remote learning for many students across the country and around the world. However, there was a sense of a more traditional school year in Upstate New York as schools closed for a genuine snow day this past Tuesday, November 3rd.

A good amount of the northeast was hit with some early season snow earlier this week, ranging from upstate NY to across New England, and while there didn't seem to many school districts closing for the weather, those in and around the Saranac Lake region of Upstate New York did. In fact, those districts that did close shut done remote learning, as well. 

With all of the talk about snow days being replaced with remote learning days, it seems that even remote learning took a backseat to the kids getting a bonus day off from school and playing in the snow. They may not have been skiing or snowboarding, which is pretty common for those kids that live in mountain towns, but it's more than likely they hit the sledding hills and built more than a few snowmen and other snow constructions.

Thumbnail Credit: Adirondacks, USA/FB


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