Fairfax County, VA Indoor Ski Facility Another Step Closer To Reality

Though a couple of years in the making, and possibly still a few more to come before groundbreaking, a proposed indoor ski and snowboard facility and snow sports complex is one step closer to becoming a reality in Fairfax County, VA.

A rendering of the proposed "Fairfax Pead" facility.

As part of the agenda report from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors dated November 17, 2020, it seems that the county has entered into an interim agreement with Alpine-X, LLC. to continue research into the feasibility and viability of such a project.

Alpine-X first proposed the building of the facility back in December of 2018. The company wants to put its facility, proposed with the name "Fairfax Peak", on a piece of the land currently used as the I-95 Lorton landfill.

The proposed facility is to be a commercial and competition level snow sports facility, which would include multiple ski slopes set to FIS standards, ensuring the facility could be used for training and competition. Terrain will be designed from beginner to expert, which will also include a terrain park.

Beyond snow sports, retail, lodging, and restaurants will all be included with the construction of the project. Plus, the design will allow for added amenities in the future, which could include a water park, ropes course, and other recreation areas. 

The proposed project area for "Fairfax Peak" on
I-95 Lorton landfill site.
For as wonderful as this project may sound, the new agreement with Fairfax County does not guarantee the project being given the green light. This agreement does give Alpine-X the access the company will need to further their own research into the viability of the project, as well as guaranteeing an exclusive negotiation period for the county and Alpine-X. Essentially, the county has agreed to no lease any part of the proposed project area before December 31, 2021, giving Alpine-X time to conduct their research.

So, the actual start time of this project, if it comes to fruition, will be determined at a later date, perhaps a much later date. However, this current agreement is a step forward and could be the first step, in fact, to another indoor facility in North America, which may also be one of the largest in the world.

Photo Credits: Alpine-X, LLC. - Taken from proposal documentation.


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