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How Could The Winter Look As We Continue Into The Season? -- VIDEO

Taking a look out the window here at the Ski Rex Media HQ, it looks as if the rain that has been falling on and off for the last few days is about to be on again. Granted, the HQ is in a valley, but still, some snow would be nice.

Well, according to this forecast from the YouTube meteorology channel, Direct Weather, it seems that the winter might be shaping up to be fairly okay here in New England, with many places in the north having a good chance of a winter that is better than fairly okay.

Now, it's likely the folks reading this are looking to get right into the amount of snow that could be falling in and around the country. For that, go ahead and jump 9:27 if you don't want to wait.

All in all, it seems that this, as well as many other winter forecasts, are looking at a killer winter in the north midwest and west, with a decent taste here in New England. Let's all hope, however, that these forecasts turn out to be true. 

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