I've Seen Many Skier & Rider Costumes, But I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill -- VIDEO

It's been a long time since I've done this bit. No, it isn't out of a place of arrogance thinking that I've seen just about everything one could see on a ski hill. I honestly don't think that's possible. It was more that I haven't seen anything strange, odd, funny or anything of the like since sometime last season. However, while cruising social media, I came upon this gem and I had to bring it to the masses. Just check out this video. It won't take long. 


He was very confused 😂⛷ can you guess the movie the line is from ? ##skiing ##ski ##imjustakid ##funny

♬ I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

Now, I've seen many a costume being worn on the ski slopes over the years, as well as seeing many a person act in a way that would make one think they are the real-life version of this costume. In any case, I know that I have never seen one like this on a ski hill. I also don't think I ever will in real life. Here's to hoping, I suppose.


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