So Much Rain At Ski Rex Media HQ -- Let's Figure Out How Much Snow It Could Be -- Ski Rex Says...

You know, I am a fan of a good rainstorm. I like to watch the rainfall into the puddles it creates. I like to watch the runoff flow in the various directions that it will. I also don't mind listening to the rain against the roof, especially since I happen to live in a house with a metal roof. 

However, it's now after Thanksgiving and I would very much appreciate another snowfall, this time with some real accumulation. It has snowed here in the valley a couple of times in the month of November, but I'd like to see that snow actually pile up a bit.

So, even though I do enjoy a good rainstorm and I'm happy that snow-making ponds are filling up rather quickly with all of this rain, I'm still wishing it was snow. 

With that said, how much snow would be falling if all of this rain were snow?

I'm not 100% sure anyone can get that number for certain, but we can make a pretty educated guess. It's all in the math and that math isn't even that hard to do. So, even for those that don't like playing with numbers, you can play along with this little bit that I am doing.

A little research shows the basic way to figure out how much snow would come with so much rain. Taking a look around the internet one could find that about 1 inch of rain equals 10 inches of snow. That's a very basic number, mind you. There are other factors, like temperature for example. But, the basic conversion will do for now.

As this storm progresses into the evening, which is Monday, November 30th, it's going to stay kind of heavy through the evening and into the night, and even keep raining for part of tomorrow. In the end, it's going to be less than an inch of rain total. It should be topping out at about half an inch if I read the information from the National Weather Service correctly. So, let's do that math and get an approximate snow total.

0.5 x 10 = 5

So, if it was winter and it was actually snowing, I could be looking at close to 5 inches of snow, or 12.7 cm, here at the HQ. That wouldn't make for a bad day at all. I would rather enjoy it, even the shoveling that would need to be done. 

There you go. You too can do this little bit of math to see how much snow could have over the next day or two. Again, this is just a very basic conversion. I'm also sure most anyone who was reading this might have already known this little bit of information. But if not, now you do. Take your rain total, multiply by 10...BOOM! Snow Total! 

Photo Credit: Tim Meyer for Ski Rex Media


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