Some New Riding Playlist Music? -- Check Out The --Electric Ski Poles--

Here are Ski Rex Media we end up talking about music quite a bit, which is funny since I don't ski with music playing. At least, I don't use earphones while I'm skiing. But, I do love to listen to music on the way to the hill and after a day on the hill, so it counts.

In any case, I do know that music can push and motivate someone throughout the day and I like to think that good ol' Rock & Roll music is some of the best for that. So, with that Rock & Roll music in mind, I present to you a band that I just came across today. Please, follow the link below to sample some music from the band, Electric Ski Poles.

Home | Electric Ski Poles

INTRODUCING GEN Z TO THE '80s! Their long-awaited debut album is a must-have for every ski-addict and snow-brain on the planet with feature hits such as Ski Bum, One More Run, Summertime, Agitation, and Big Air. Check out a sampling of our tunes below!

Now, I really do hope that you took a moment and went to the band's website to check out their sample tracks. I mean, you can already tell from the photo that they have the right vibe going, throwing back to the wonderful 1980s and the glory from that era. That's just the look, though. If you listen to the music, you hear something that sounds very reminiscent of the infancy of the American punk rock scene. No fancy recording studio here, My Friends. Just Rock & Roll music.

Every so often we do see musical acts that follow a ski bum theme and I think these guys nail it 100%. I'm thinking I'll be picking up that debut album, which has a ski bum themed release date, It comes out November 20th, the same day the Utah season starts for 2020/2021. It's gonna be sick!

Photo Credit: Electric Ski Poles


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