The Ski Rex Media Q & A Series -- Ski Rex Says...

One of the things I really enjoy about running Ski Rex Media is the interaction and attention that I get. Now, that might sound a little narcissistic, the attention part, anyway, but that's not really how I mean it. I really do like connecting with like-minded skiers, snowboarders, and snow sports enthusiasts. One of the ways I like to do that is through fielding questions from friends and fans of Ski Rex Media,

So, with that in mind, I am once again trying out a Q & A video series. It's pretty simple. Folks submit their questions, I turn on the camera, and then I make a video answering those questions. It's fun for me and I hope it's fun and entertaining for those that watch them.

So far, the new series has two videos.

From #1 Hype Man - Tech Rob

From A More Recent Ski Rex Media Fan - Matt @ROTone

Now, it should be noted that I don't know everything about snow sports. I'm not a guru by any means. But, that might add to the fun. If you ask me a question that I don't know the answer to, I'll be 100% honest about it and that answer might be entertaining, as well.

So, if you would like to participate, please contact me through the website's contact form or go to the social media pages, which are linked at the top right of the screen, or put comments on the videos. I'll find your question and then I'll answer it. Of course, you will get credit and a shout out.

Thanks for watching and thanks for playing, if you do.


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