The Vermont Ski Scene Featured In Web Series -- VIDEO

One can't help but respect when a web series titled Westward features skiing from a state in New England, which is about as far opposite of west as one could go. For the sixth and final season of Westward, a web series from KGB Productions with the support of Flylow Gear, the series heads to the Green Mountain State to take a look at the ski life we live here.

"For season six, Westward’s traveling to a part of the country that breeds a different type of skier; a place that requires one to persevere through frigid temps and January thaws. The birthplace of the term, “bulletproof.” As an inevitable result, the average Vermont skier is by necessity, simply more committed than most. Season 6 of Westward offers a glimpse into their motivations, lifestyles, and pride of living in and skiing the East." - Flylow Gear Website

Westward Season 6 Trailer from Flylow Gear on Vimeo.

As you can see from the trailer for the sixth season of the series, each episode focuses on the experiences of those who actually live the Vermont ski life, even branching out to the New England vibe as a whole. One can also see more than a few familiar locations, including the iconic single-chair at Mad River Glen and the gondola at Stowe. All in all, it looks as if this series is going to do some justice to the area that Ski Rex Media calls home.

Thumbnail Credit: KGB Productions/Flylow Gear - "Westward"


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