A Close Call For A Vermont State Trooper During The Nor'easter -- VIDEO

As the looming rain looks to take out a good chunk of the wonderful 2-4 feet of snow parts of Vermont got last week, we look back at that storm with an example of why maybe it isn't a good idea to go outside, even if you're looking to get a powder day on your skis or snowboards.

Somewhere on one of the interstates here in Vermont, somebody was in a rush, came all too close to a Vermont State Trooper, and almost rear-ended a state plow. It also doesn't help when one's entire rear end is still covered in snow and you pass a cop. Never a good thing for several reasons, though in the post it does say that the driver was pulled over, cited, and ticketed. Sometimes it's just better to let the powder day go.

Thumbnail Credit: Vermont State Police/IG


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