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A Meteorologist Answers, "Cloud Seeing: Does it work?" -- VIDEO

Though it is likely there are winter and snow sports enthusiasts out there that would love for cloud seeding to be a very literal thing, we can not go out and just plant snow.  No, cloud seeding is a process that can be used to coax an inch or so more out of the clouds. Does it work, though?

Well, just yesterday, December 8th, Chris Tomer, a meteorologist for CW-2 and Fox-31 out there in Denver, gives viewers a little information as to how cloud seeding works and how well it works to get those clouds to drop a bit more of that sweet, fresh powder snow.

As Mr. Tomer mentioned in the video, Vail does contribute quite a bit to cloud seeding, though after 44-years they will not be participating. This is due to budget hits the company has taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information on this can be found in an article that was published on November 30th in the Summit Daily.

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