A New Monolith Appears At Sunlight Mountain Resort, CO

It seems that the monolith fad is not going to be short-lived and has now made it into the world of snow sports. Yesterday, Sunlight Mountain Resort joined the list of places to wake up one morning and find a shiny, metal monolith hanging out for no known reason.

The mountain is taking the new monolith in stride, even embracing it. They have not only put it out across their social media pages but have made no mention of a need to take it down anytime soon. In fact, the mountain even gave a little praise to the unknown folks who put it there for keeping safety in mind. The monolith is not in anyone's way and should not be a safety risk. 

Is this part of the worldwide troll of monoliths, an isolated bit, or is the mountain doing an advertising bit by jumping onto the monolith trend? It will be a while before the public knows for sure. However, if you are drawn to see this latest monolith, remember to follow all of the COVID-19 visitor guidelines that the mountain and the state of Colorado have put in place. Visit the mountain's website for full details before you go.


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