Julia Mancuso Had To Defend Herself From Internet Flack Over Baby/Snow Video

While the internet is a wonderful thing in a lot of ways, it's also a place for anyone to talk any kind of hater trash for just about any reason, whether the haters know what they are talking about or not. In this case, ex-racer Julia Mancuso had to defend a video of her giving her kid a toss into some powder snow. While it seems like the child is having a good time, is in the controlled environment of his parent's home, and it really is just playing around in the snow, folks lost their minds over it.

In response, Mancuso took to social media to not only deflect some of the hate but defend what she did, which she really didn't have to do. In this post to Instagram, she went on to explain that they were at home, that there were test runs, and that the baby was fine.

Though it is likely that this won't be enough for the internet trolls and haters of the world, at least she tried to offer an explanation that, once again, she didn't need to offer as there is clearly no abuse here and very little danger.

Thumbnail Credit: Julia Mancuso/IG


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