Prinoth Introduces The World's 1st Hydrogen Groomer

“Our group of companies is not only talking about protecting the environment but is taking concrete steps. We produce renewable energy, develop and manufacture wind turbines and our ropeways offer innovative e-mobility public transport systems. Now we are proud to introduce emission-free snow groomers. Sustainability is not just a word for us, it’s a commitment“
 - Anton Seeber, President of the HTI Group

Sustainability is at the top of the list of priorities in just about every industry in the world. Part of the drive to sustainability is producing vehicles that work with less or no emissions, thus reaching a goal of total carbon neutrality.

This also holds true within the ski industry as electric and alternative fuel snow vehicles start to hit the market. Though we have already seen the first e-groomer come onto the scene last year, Prinoth has decided to up the ante and release a hydrogen-powered model that rivals its current top model for power and performance. 

Building off the company's Leitwolf series, the Leitwolf h2Motion runs fully on hydrogen, making it a zero-emissions, clean-running alternative to its diesel counterparts. The cleaner fuel system, however, does not sacrifice performance as the new hydrogen concept pumps 544hp (400kw), surpassing the diesel models in total power. This huge amount of horsepower comes from an electric motor powered by an H2 fuel cell, which also brings the benefit of a ton of torque, which maxes and about 2300Nm. Lastly, the hydrogen fuel cell gives this new Leitwolf h2Motion an approximate 4-hour runtime. The new hydrogen machine also comes with the tech and comfort that groomer operators have to come to expect and rely on in this day in age.

Leitwolf h2Motion

"With the LEITWOLF h2MOTION, our PRINOTH development teams have achieved the connection between zero-emission propulsion and undiminished power. With the new model, we meet all performance-related requirements and achieve the 100% elimination of fossil fuels," says Prinoth President Klaus Tonhäuser.

Hydrogen is not the only alternative to diesel that Prinoth is working with. Along with the hydrogen concept, they have debuted an e-groomer concept called the Husky eMotion. Though not the first all-electric groomer to come about, they are saying that it is the lightest version in the world. Designed to be smaller and more nimble, the Husky eMotion puts out the equivalent of 270hp (200kw) and 1140Nm of torque. This power is provided by an all-electric motor that has about 3-hours of runtime from 190kwh of battery life.

Husky eMotion

Though these vehicles are still concepts, those concepts are showing up on honest to goodness ski slopes. As part of the debut, both the Leitwolf h2Motion hydrogen groomer and the Husky eMotion e-groomer were taken to the Alta Badia Gran Risa ski slope in Italy for the World Cup ski races on December 20th and 21st.

For even more information head to the Prinoth website at, which not only has information about the new zero-emission vehicles but more information on their Clean Motion initiative, as well.

All Photos Credit: Prinoth


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