Schweitzer Mountain, ID May Shut Down If Folks Don't Mask Up

As the ski season of COVID-19 continues to fire up across the country, ski areas and resorts, and those the write about them, are reminding everyone to wear their mask while they are in the liftlines, public areas, any areas where social distancing is not possible, and any other areas a mountain has chosen to require masks for the season.

While most guests seem to be respecting the mask, there are still enough folks that are not, making it more than frustrating for those that operate these ski areas and resorts. Case in point, the President and CEO of Schweitzer Mountian Resort in Idaho, Tom Chasse, posted a letter to mountain fans on Facebook not only describing the frustrations of trying to enforce the mask-wearing policy but mentioning that the mountain may have to close down temporarily because of it.

"As we continue to voice our position, a reminder to mask up from everyone would be helpful. I was out on Sunday and felt as though 90% of our guests were masked up when I was in the lift line, a huge improvement from opening weekend. That being said, we don’t have enough staff to be in all places at all times. It’s unrealistic to staff every bathroom, every lift line, and every indoor space to remind guests to mask up. If we cannot get this under control, I’m willing to shut down the entire operation until we’re able to open additional lifts and terrain." - Tom Chasse, President/CEO

As stated in the letter, the shutdown would only last until more lifts and terrain could be opened. However, this mountain, like all the others across the country, would like to be able to stay open and is pleading with guests to use their masks.

The mountain is also willing to make a concession for those that feel the mask guideline inappropriate. Though the deadline to roll season passes over to the 2021/2022 season elapsed in November, the mountain will allow it right now, with Chasse saying, "Bottom line - if you’re uncomfortable with our current process, procedures, and expectations relative to Covid, I would be more than happy to roll your season pass to next year as long as you do so by Friday, December 11, 2020. The decision is yours."


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