Short Film From Salomon Freeski -- "The Chairlift: Bringing Skiers Together in Ways Nothing Else Can" -- VIDEO

To those of us that have ridden more than one chairlift, it has become something more than just a conveyance. Sure, we would all be hiking up the hills if the lift wasn't invented, so the love for the practical reasons is there. However, there is more to it than that. There is the social aspect of chairlift riding and something else that speaks to the core of each of us while riding one, though it might be hard to explain.

That's the beauty of this short film that debuted earlier in the week on the Salomon TV YouTube channel. It actually takes a look at the love and beauty of the chairlift, beyond the practical necessity, and features that beauty for all to see. Please, have a look at the film to see what I mean.

Such a wonderful film with great visuals and a fantastic message about a piece of technology that many take for granted. It's not easy to make something that is looked at as nothing more than a tool or way to get up to the top of a mountain the main character, but this film did just that.

The bonus here is the throwback to a time when one could just jump onto an open chair with a random person and have a conversation, make a new friend, or even get a date. All things that we just can't do in the current state of the world. However, it is wonderful to take a few minutes and relive those days, to feel nostalgic about those days, even if they were just a season away.


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