Take A Look At Vermont In "Vermont 100" - VIDEO

For some, it's just a main road that runs from south to north straight up through the center of Vermont. A road that folks live alone and take to work each day. For others, it's a ride through one of the great areas that Northeast/New England skiing and riding has to offer. For two skiers not from around here, it was a taste of a whole culture that one does not always expect.

Starring Aaron Blunck and Ian Morrison, two riders from the west, Vermont 100 is a short documentary/adventure ski film that follows these two on an adventure along Route 100, which is also unofficially known as The Skier's Highway. On this trip, they get to experience Vermont and New Egland ski culture, which is much different than what they are accustomed to, which they talk about during the film via an interview with Mike Rogge that is used as narration during the film.

The film is not only filled with insight into the East Coast ski culture from those from a different region but some great visuals of Vermont ski days at classic resorts along Route 100. It's a wonderful short to watch, whether one is a local seeing a place that they pass almost every day or someone who isn't from around here and looking to see what the region is all about. It's 100% worth watching. #ILoVermont


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